Superman the Movie

Flight Controller


Keith Alexander


Attended Adelaide University studying engineering and law before going into acting. He moved to London in 1965.
Height: 5' 11 1/2".
Specialty is reproducing accents.
Attended the UFORIA II (89) convention.

Moved back to Australia in the early '90s.

Film Credits

  • Hanover Street (1979, Soldier in Barn)
  • Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppelganger) (1969, flight controller)
  • Submarine X-1 (1969, Sub-Lieutenant on X-3)
  • Superman (1978, Newscaster)
  • Thunderbird 6 (1968, voice of Black Phantom/John Tracy)

TV Credits

  • The Day of the Triffids (1981, Newsreel voice)
  • Home and Away (90s, Australian soap)
  • Joe 90 (voice of Sam Loover)
  • A Life at Stake (1978 Houston, We Have a Problem, Fred Haise)
  • No Hiding Place (60s)
  • Minder (1979 The Bounty Hunter, Andy)
  • The New Avengers (1976 Gnaws, Malloy)
  • The Secret Service (voice only)
  • Softly, Softly (60s)
  • Mrs. Thursday (60s)
  • The Ed Sullivan Show (60s, voice for Topo Gigio, the Italian puppet mouse)
  • UFO (1969, Lt. Ford)

Theater Credits

  • My Three Angels (60s)

Radio Credits

  • The Last Cargo of the Cathay Queen (1983, ship owner, top billing)

Plus voice-over, narration, and dubbing work.

Many Thanks to Marc Martin for supplying much of this info. Marc Martin's UFO Series Home Page.

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