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  • Identified
    With SHADO on the verge of becoming fully operational, the aliens target a flight carrying equipment and personnel vital to the organization's mission.
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  • Computer Affair
    When an astronaut is killed during an interception of a UFO, human error is suspected.
  • Flight Path
    A SHADO technician leaks information that may enable the aliens to attack Moonbase when it is most vulnerable.
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  • Exposed
    When an experimental plane is destroyed during an air battle between Sky-One and a UFO, the survivor threatens to blow SHADO's cover.
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  • Survival
    A deadly 'accident' on Moonbase is traced to a lone alien on the lunar surface.
  • Conflict
    Straker demands the cleanup of space debris following a suspicious accident that destroyed a SHADO ship.
  • The Dalotek Affair
    A mining operation on the Moon is suspected of inadvertently interfering with SHADO's communications.
  • A Question of Priorities
    Straker orders a SHADO transport to carry desperately needed medication for his critically injured son - but the plane is diverted when an alien makes contact with SHADO.
  • Ordeal
    Paul Foster is abducted from a SHADO facility.
  • The Square Triangle
    An alien unwittingly interferes in a murder plot.
  • Court Martial
    Foster is suspected of handing SHADO's secrets to outsiders.
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  • Close Up
    An experimental probe is fitted with a powerful telescope in an effort to take the battle to the aliens' home planet.
  • Confetti Check A-OK
    Straker recalls the early days of SHADO and the strain it put on his marriage.
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  • The Responsibility Seat
    Freeman is left in charge while Straker tracks down a possible security threat.
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  • E.S.P.
    A man with extraordinary abilities is driven by the aliens to uncover SHADO's secrets and set a trap for Straker.
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  • Kill Straker!
    A close encounter with a UFO drives once trusted officers to turn on their commanding officer.
  • Sub Smash
    When Skydiver is seriously damaged, Straker and the sub crew are trapped on the bottom of the ocean.
  • The Sound of Silence
    A UFO makes it through to Earth. The hunt leads SHADO to a murder and a missing person.
  • The Cat With Ten Lives
    A SHADO pilot is attacked and his wife is abducted. But more questions arise when his starts acting strange.
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  • Destruction
    A British navy ship may have downed a UFO. But why was the UFO after the ship in the first place?
  • The Man Who Came Back
    A missing and presumed dead astronaut is found alive. But has he survived his ordeal unscathed?
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  • The Psychobombs
    Aliens take control of three humans, sending them on a murderous campaign of destruction.
  • Reflections in the Water
    Strange goings-on in the Atlantic may be connected with the aliens' next attack plan.
  • Timelash
    After an apparently failed UFO attack on them, Straker and Lake discover that SHADO Headquarters is frozen in time.
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  • Mindbender
    A UFO self-destructs on the Lunar surface. Then SHADO is struck by an epidemic of hallucinations and insanity.
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  • The Long Sleep
    A woman awakes from a ten-year coma, reopening a long dormant UFO case.

Note: the above list is in the order the episodes appear on the A&E DVD set. UFO had no set episode order except that Identified, being the pilot, should be first and Exposed should obviously come before any other episode with Paul Foster in it.

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