Colonel Alec E. Freeman

Alec E. Freeman, Chief of Staff, SHADO Operations - Earth's first, and only, line of defense against a power threat of extraterrestrial origin.


Colonel Freeman was played by British actor, George Sewell.
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Alec Freeman is Chief of Staff and second in command of SHADO operations.
He was SHADO's first recruit following Ed Straker's appointment to C-in-C of SHADO and is considered the perfect second for Straker, fire to Straker's ice, working well with people while maintaining discipline.

We know very little concerning Freeman. The pilot script called for a thirty-year-old Australian but George Sewell who played the part was a 46-year old Londoner. Some writers, notably Robert Miall in his novelizations, refer to Freeman as being Australian. Others describe Freeman as having been born in North London.

What we do know is that he is several years older than Straker and an experienced combat pilot with single and multiple engine ratings with air intelligence experience.

Nitpicker's notes: Freeman was introduced as 'Colonel' on his first meeting with Henderson and it was specifically stated he served with Air Force Intelligence. However, the RAF does not have the rank 'colonel'. That is an army and marine rank. The equivalent RAF rank is 'Group Captain'.

A speculative history of Colonel Alec Freeman - born 1931
A second speculative history of Colonel Alec Freeman - born 1927

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