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Lieutenant Keith Ford

Keith Ford, Senior Operative, SHADO Headquarters.

Lieutenant Keith Ford is the Chief Communications Officer at SHADO Headquarters and the main voice for SHADO during alerts. He, along with Nina Barry, Joan Harrington, Gordon Maxwell, and John Masters, was among SHADO's very first recruits. He came to SHADO's attention during his stint as an interviewer on a series of television programs dealing with U.F.O.s. In that capacity, he interviewed scientific experts including Doctor Frank Stranges, and, with the assistance of Nina Barry, successfully debunked many alleged UFO sightings and sighters.

Although Ford was one of SHADO's first recruits, his duties at SHADO HQ began in 1978, only two years prior to SHADO becoming fully operational. It is speculated that between his recruitment and training for SHADO and his assignment to his communications post at SHADO HQ, Ford was a field agent investigating UFO sightings for SHADO.

As Ford was already well established as a television interviewer in 1970, he would have been somewhere in in his late twenties to early thirties at the time of his recruitment to SHADO. That would put his birth year at about 1940, give or take a few years. Assuming the character is Australian, he probably emigrated to the UK after attending University, sometime in the mid-sixties.


Keith Ford was played by Australian actor, Keith Alexander.
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