SHADO Headquarters is hidden eighty feet beneath a film studio in the suburbs of London. The studio employs more than 400 people, the vast majority of whom have no idea what secrets are hidden in the office buildings or in some of the 13 studio buildings, much less beneath their feet. That said, many SHADO operatives do have jobs at the studio — in particular: most, if not all, the studio security personnel and construction managers are in fact SHADO operatives.

While the Harlington-Straker Production company is notable for its long list of spectacular box-office flops and high-budget television series, the studio also leases studio space to other production companies for filming commercials and other projects.

Harlington-Straker Studios

Studio 1
Approach to admin building

Studio 2
photo shoot

studio 3
entering main lobby - admin building

studio 4

studio 7
Main lobby

studio 8
Main lobby

studio 5
Outer office/Miss Ealand's station

studio 6
Straker's Office

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