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A challenge story is a story written for a proposed concept, word, word limit or title. It can be as simple 'write a story around the word scream' or as complex as 'unravel the plot of Psychobombs in 100 words or less'.

May 2010
Write a story with the title 'The Bodyguard'

June 2010
Write a story with the title 'Lines of Communication'

June 2010 - Writer's Block
a story with writer vs. Straker.

June 2010 - Kid Stuff
a story about kids in HQ.

August 2010 - Glitch in the Machine
(see Challenge)

September 2010 - Moonlight and Vodka
(see Challenge)

October 2010 - Halloween Challenge
Stuff that goes bump in the night.

December 2010 - Christmas Challenge


March 2011 - Changes

April 2011 - D&D Style Monster
see (Challenge)

May 2011 - Tell a story through the eyes of a minor, or guest, character.

June 2011 - Gender Bender
Tell a story where one or more of the characters find themselves as members of the opposite sex.

August 2011 - Time Travel

September 2011 - Four-Footed Heroes
Tell a story featuring a non-human who saves the day.


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