SHADO Library Submission Guidelines

The SHADO Library accepts original stories featuring the Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization (SHADO) and/or the main characters of the 1970 Gerry Anderson television series U.F.O. It is expected for the writer to be familiar with the series.

Stories are expected to have been proofread and be in written in understandable English. While stories in other languages may be considered on an individual basis, English translations MUST be provided.

The Librarian reserves the right to correct spelling and serious grammatical errors prior to the submission's placement in the Library. Note: the SHADO Library is solely the responsibility of Deborah A. Rorabaugh. No permission has been given, implicitly or explicitly for anyone else to represent themselves as representing the SHADO Library or the SHADO Librarian.

Erotica may be considered. However, pure pornography will not be accepted. (The difference being that erotica stems from the natural evolution of the story and the relationship of the characters. Pornography disregards story line and relationships in favor of the mechanics of sex.)

Submission Formats

Submissions maybe submitted through our upload form or e-mailed to the SHADO Librarian in Winword, Rich Text Format (RTF), standard HTML (not FrontPage, please) or ASCII. If submitted in ASCII, please mark paragraph indents with five(5) spaces and section breaks with ***.

If your story has complex formatting, ie Bold or Italic or special characters, please submit the story in Winword, RTF or HTML.

Stories submitted by persons other than the author MUST have the author's written permission to be published on the Internet. Note that this requirement does not apply to links to stories hosted elsewhere, such as at

Stories hosted on other sites will be considered for acceptance as a link on a case by case basis. Under no circumstances will a link be made to a forum. With the exception of archives such as, any story that is not a stand-alone html page will not be linked to.

Also see: FAQ

U.F.O. is the © and property of ITV Studios Global Entertainment and used for promotional purposes only.
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