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A cross-over story is one which combines two or more different series or character groups into a single story. Here is a collection of titles where U.F.O. has been combined with various other milieus. If you know of others, please contact the


The Mayan Mystery © 2006
by Pamela K. McCaughey
Straker and a team of SHADO-Omega personnel encounter the A-Team in Mexico as they unravel why the aliens are interested in an ancient Mayan pyramid site.


Arrival © 1998
by Chris Freeman
A destroyed alien ship leaves a life canister with a human survivor - Ellen Ripley, formerly of the Nostromo.

Bay Watch

Your Beach Or Mine © 1998
by Yuchtar
Mitch finds a half dead blond man floating in the ocean, and takes him home to help him recover - in more ways than one.

Beauty and the Beast

Eye of the Beholder © 1998
by Yuchtar
Paul Foster visits the Big Apple and finds even he isn't up to New York dangers.

Blake's 7

The Time Rift © 1998
by Yuchtar
The Liberator gets caught in a time rift, plunging the ship and crew hundreds of years into the past where they encounter a mysterious Earth force known only as SHADO.

Moonboots and Leather Suits ©1999
by Yuchtar
A teleport malfunction sends Avon back in time to Moonbase.


Distant Memories © 2010
by Matthew White
An accident sends Virginia Lake back in time to the Nevada Territory in 1862.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Someone Else's War © 2001
by Alison Jacobs
Straker and Lake discover there's more than one secret war going on. But Vampires?

Someone Else's Battlefield © 2002
by Alison Jacobs
Straker and Freeman are visiting Sunnydale CA, and discover Straker's ex is now a vampire - and she wants Straker by her side in the worst way.


Soliloquy ©2003
by Pamela K. McCaughey
The murder of a busload of teens brings CSI of Las Vegas into SHADO's dangerous territory.

CSI Miami

SHADO Snafu In The Sun © 2005
by Pamela K. McCaughey
When victims of alien harvesting fall into the hands of CSI Miami, Straker gets involved.


Deep in the Heart of Texas © 2001
by Pamela K. McCaughey
Straker outfoxes J.R. Ewing, famed Dallas oilman.

Due South

Seized © 2003
by Pamela K. McCaughey
Foster and Straker must join forces with the RCMP's intrepid Inspector Benton Fraser when astronaut Kovac's family fall victim to an alien incursion.

The Cold Truth © 2020
by Pamela K. McCaughey
SHADO teams up with Benton Fraser, RCMP, to investigate dire discoveries in the Arctic.

Forever Knight

On a Knight Like This © 1998
by Yuchtar
Nick Knight, the vampire, discovers the world is more dangerous than even he knew, with aliens attacking good looking SHADO commanders.

Hawaii 5-O/Magnum PI

A SHADO on Paradise © 2007
by Pamela K. McCaughey
Straker knocks heads with Hawaii's top cop Steve McGarrett when an alien nest extermination almost goes wrong.

Kung Fu - The Legend Continues

Lost Time © 2002
by TAE
Master hacker Kermit Griffin is set up by an IM 'buddy' to take the fall on a hacking charge.

Jonny Quest

Danger of the Lights © 2002
by Helen Weber
The Quests get involved in a UFO incident.

Lois and Clark

The Smallville Connection © 2009
by Deborah Rorabaugh
A man in blue tights is flying over Metropolis. So why isn't Commander Straker worried?

Paradoxes © 2011
by Deborah Rorabaugh
SHADO is faced with its greatest danger - a madman who wants Superman dead, even if it means that Earth dies too.

Lois and Cl - Kal-El © 2006
by Deborah Rorabaugh
When Superman is taken by Bureau 39, it's Commander Straker that comes to the rescue to save Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

The Man From Atlantis.

Still Waters Run Deep © 2002
by Pamela K. McCaughey
1975: SHADO personnel stumble onto the last survivor of the species homo oceanus and must decide how to handle his potential memories of alien ships and their operations.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The UFO Affair, Part 1 © 2000 - The UFO Affair, Part 2 © 2001
by Pamela K. McCaughey
Even with all their security precautions and fail-safes, the fledgling SHADO organization ends up being mistaken by UNCLE agents in 1972 for a new gambit from their evil enemies, THRUSH.

Straker Stalker © 2002
by Pamela K. McCaughey
Straker is being stalked - but not by the aliens!

The Not Again Affair © 2003
by Pamela K. McCaughey
SHADO and UNCLE agents join forces once again to foil an alien plot.

Planet of the Apes

Last Night Stand © 1998
by Yuchtar
On George Taylor's last night on Earth as he knows it, he seeks out an old friend - Ed Straker of the newly formed SHADO.


The Search © 1999
by Yuchtar
Jarod goes in seach of the truth regarding the death of a film maker and he encounters more than he bargains for in Merry Olde England.

The Professionals

Joint Venture © 2001
by Alison Jacobs
SHADO is forced to call in Professionals when Straker is kidnapped.

Rescue Me

It Ain't Easy Bein' Green ©2006
by Pamela K. McCaughey
A chance traffic accident leads SHADO and Omega to some opportunistic fire-fighters.

Space 1999

Alien © 1998
by Amelia Rodgers
Moonbase Alpha has a new and unwilling recruit - Ed Straker.


Threshold ©2006
by Pamela McCaughey
A tear in the space-time continuum brings Jack O'Neill's SG1 team into the SHADO universe.

Star Trek (TOS)

Harvest of the Planters, Part 1
Harvest of the Planters, Part 2 ©1988

by Deborah Rorabaugh
When the Enterprise travels back in time for some research, Kirk finds more than he bargained for - SHADO.

Superman Returns

All I Have To Give - Seating the Guests
All I Have To Give - The Wedding
All I Have To Give - The Reception ©2006

by Deborah Rorabaugh
When Lois Lane spurns Superman, Clark Kent moves on to Chicago and a new life that includes the pilot Esther Straker - General Straker's daughter.

Shadows in Darkness © 2006
by Deborah Rorabaugh
Returning to Earth is both easier and harder than Kal-El thought it would be. Especially when an anti-alien group known as SHADO is out to destroy Superman.

Trailer Park Boys

One Flew Outta the Cuckoo's Nest © 2006
Pamela K. McCaughey
A routine mission near a Nova Scotia trailer park bags Straker something he has wanted for over 20 years - a live alien to interrogate.

V.I. Warshawski

Prince and Pumps ©1998
by Amelia Rodgers
Someone's taken Ms. Warshawski's red Magli pumps. The alleged perpetrator tooks a lot like Ed Straker.


White Roses© 1998
by Amelia Rodgers
Agent Scully shot the drugged out, unarmed man she believed knifed her partner. Then she discovers her father knew him. Now she has to do everything she can to make sure that Ed Straker recovers.

Habeas Corpus © 2002
by Pamela K. McCaughey
with Law & Order The NYPD and FBI get involved when Paul Foster is found unconscious with a female companion whose internal organs were removed.

I'll Take Care of the Cab Fare, You Just Find the Damned Keys.
A U.F.O Round Robin © 1998
Mysterious plane crashes - the aliens or somebody else?

Feelings of Misgiving
A U.F.O. Round Robin © 1998

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