Author: TAE

TAE currently has 4 titles listed in the Library.

  • ADULT Human Touch ©2002 TAE
    Dr. Louise Lewis is assigned to undo Jackson's 'experiments' after Straker is attacked on a business trip.
    Added: July 10, 2002
  • Keeping in S.H.A.D.O.s ©2002 TAE
    It's 1976, and SHADO is still begin built, although the movie studio is starting up business.
    Added: July 10, 2002
  • Lost Time ©2002 TAE
    Master hacker Kermit Griffin is set up by an IM 'buddy' to take the fall on a hacking charge.
    Added: August 10, 2002
  • ADULT Healing Touch ©2002 TAE
    Dr. Louise Lewis joins SHADO and takes over Jackson's position - to the discomfort of some and delight of others.
    Added: December 01, 2002

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