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Author's Notes - Background: This series of short stories was written in late 2000. There are 3 original 'episodes' with an outline for 15 more in order to have a total of 18 'series one' episodes with more to follow. After the 9/11 attacks I was swept up in activity that consumed me and many of my colleagues for years afterward. Only now, after having 'retired' have I been able to revisit these stories written so long ago. I would like to publish the first 3 with only minor changes, updating them to the present day, and plan to eventually finish writing and publishing all 18 by the end of 2014. They are dedicated to Ed Bishop, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and all those who created and gave life to such a wonderful television series that will outlive us all, as well as the many fans who help keep UFO alive in reruns and homage.

Synopsis: It is the present day, just over forty years since SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) first became operational. Its original purpose, to defend the Earth from a race of Aliens who've been kidnapping humans for body parts, now appears outdated. After a spectacular battle in 1990 between a large Alien armada and SHADO's combined forces, the threat seemed to diminish and then vanish altogether. Apparently, the Aliens had given up. SHADO had won. The Earth had been saved.

SHADO's main headquarters, staffed today with a skeleton crew, is still hidden beneath a London film studio. However, Moonbase and its Interceptors, as well as the Skydiver fleet were mothballed. Most SHADO operatives are now retired or re-incorporated into normal society. An advanced neurosurgical procedure, developed by Dr. Doug Jackson using elements of captured Alien technology, allowed entire years to be erased from a person's memory without damaging other brain functions. Over the years, many former SHADO members chose to leave their secretive lives behind and start over again.

SHADO has been run for the past several years by Col. Keith Ford. It has not been altogether pleasant for him; since he is presiding over SHADO largely to dis-assemble it: gradually shutting SHADO down, while still keeping a vigil for the return of any UFOs. One of the original eight SHADO recruits, he catches himself occasionally reminiscing about the furious action of the "old days".

Commander Ed Straker has since retired to running Harlington-Straker Motion Pictures full-time. An intense, focused leader, Straker has built the studio in recent years into a force to be reckoned with. He has turned down offers from Hollywood to return to America and run one of the major film studios, since this would take him away from the beloved SHADO complex which he helped build.

Straker's old second-in-command, Alec Freeman, is now working for British Intelligence MI-6, and is close to retirement. Col. Paul Foster, Straker's protégé, was killed in the final Alien attack. While many at SHADO grieved, Col. Virginia Lake took the loss especially hard. At one time romantically involved with Foster, Lake now enjoys an on-and-off relationship with her former boss, Straker. She is now in charge of the studio's Internet-based projects and is seen by many as Straker's eventual successor. Captain Gay Ellis, formerly a Moonbase and tactical strike commander, underwent the "amnesia" procedure and now runs a small bed-and-breakfast in Maine with her unsuspecting American husband.

All is quiet until the Earth-orbiting satellite named SID (Space Intruder Detector) detects something that hasn't been seen in over ten years.

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