Author: Kyle Overdorf

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  • Another Question of Priority ©1996 Kyle Overdorf
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    The year is 1996, SHADO has changed but the mission is the same. But, when Miss Ealand's son is injured, will Straker make the same choice he did when his own son was hurt?
    Added: June 18, 1998
  • North Woods ©1996 Kyle Overdorf
    PDF or ePub format
    A reporter stumbles into a UFO incident. Will SHADO find her before the aliens do? Then what happens?
    Added: June 18, 1998
  • Hunches ©1996 Kyle Overdorf
    PDF or ePub format
    Gay Ellis-Bradley has a premonition about the future. Is it a mother's concern or something more?
    Added: June 22, 1998

Notes from the author:
The year is 1996. Most of the main characters are still with SHADO, but they have earned promotions since the last time we saw them on TV. Straker has replaced the deceased General Henderson, and the IAC has been absorbed by the UN. Straker works in New York, as SHADO's liaison to the United Nations. He has very little contact with SHADO London, the Harlington-Straker Studios, or the lives of the lower ranking operatives. He is completely removed from the day-to-day operations of SHADO for several years.

Freeman is in Command of SHADO now, and has been since the eighties. SHADO has other secret installations around the world, and the people who command them were the Colonels of the TV series.

For continuity (and because I'm NOT a wizard with military hardware or ordinance) I have kept the vehicles and procedures that you are familiar with from the old series. ARIDs are talked about, but do not actually appear since they are the creation of another author. The vehicles have changed appearance somewhat, but their new designs are in my mind and no descriptions are provided in the story. The audience is meant to follow the people of SHADO 1996, not their equipment. Originally I planned to change the design of the Spinner and add to its weapons systems. However, the only change that survived my editing was the addition of a rapid fire plasma pulse capability. The aliens remain the same in all respects to their brethren from the old series. The ships are a little larger, they still don't operate at peak efficiency in an atmosphere, they can't shoot straight up, and they can stay in our atmosphere for a much longer period of time before decaying. They have learned to duck under water when the decaying begins.

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