A. Berglund currently has 6 titles listed in the Library.

  • Thor's Hammer ©2015 A. Berglund
    PDF or ePub format
    Straker's life is saved by an enigmatic man with previous ties to key staff and knowledge of the alien agenda. Can he be trusted?
    Added: March 10, 2016
  • Things Old and New ©2015 A. Berglund
    PDF or ePub format
    Themes of post-traumatic stress and ties to historical events are at play. Our friends use both new and old technology to thwart an alien plot.
    Added: March 10, 2016
  • Change In the Air ©2016 A. Berglund
    PDF or ePub format
    We say farewell to old friends and meet new allies. A romance blossoms into much more. The alien agenda becomes a triple threat. Will humanity rise to meet it?
    Added: March 14, 2016
  • Transitions ©2016 A. Berglund
    PDF or ePub format
    Change can be a good thing or it can be terrifying. An other-worldly ambassador stirs things up and we say hello and goodbye to friends. Goats prove to be invaluable...
    A sequel to Change in the Air
    Added: May 24, 2016
  • Next Steps ©2016 A. Berglund
    PDF or ePub format
    A medical emergency threatens Moon Base. An alien ambassador takes on the news media and big things are afoot for Alec, Foster and Straker.
    A sequel to Transitions
    Added: January 03, 2017
  • The Unseen ©2016 A. Berglund
    Straker and Freeman are travelling. New threats arise and hit SHADO hard.
    A sequel to Next Steps
    Added: May 03, 2017

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