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May 27th, 2010 at 3:48pm
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Comments should be in a separate thread from the story.

The Subject Line should read something like: FDK - Aftermath 1. This means 'Feedback for Aftermath chapter 1'.

The message Icon should be something other than the as this should be reserved for stories.

Authors love comments. But be nice. Remember, this is an author's vision of how things might play out under the conditions the author has set up. No author wants to read a comment like 'There's no way Straker (Foster, Freeman, etc.) could become a serial killer (gay, married, alien). Have you ever even seen the show? You suck.'

Please make criticisms constructive: 'Um, how did Straker end up a serial killer? You are going to explain this, aren't you?'

The explanation might be in the next chapter - or the author may have not thought about needing one and needs to consider the back story.

If there are issues with spelling or punctuation, again be gentle. Many non-English speakers use fan fiction to hone their writing skills. Offer to beta for them or refer them (privately) to one of the Grammar Guides (like The Big Apricot Grammar Guide.)

Above all, be gentle. We're all volunteers here. Wink

The Administrator.
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