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Bedford Incident

I immediately recognized the words on Ed's gravestone as being lyrics from 'Red River Valley', which Ed sang in a play called 'Strike Gently, Away From the Body' as his character Nathan Bradley. However, recently I was told by one of Ed's daughters that the song was sung to her and her sisters during her childhood as a lullaby by her father and she described him as being magical. A much more precious reason why a part of that song was inscribed on his grave than I ever had imagined.

When I first saw a photograph of his grave I instantly knew what those words were.

Bright eyes and smile.

Yes, that was our Ed.

Along with a voice and talent that nobody could forget. Our sympathies go out to his daughters, his grandaughters, his grandsons, his friends and anyone who was blessed by just knowing him.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to be at a time when I desperately needed one to escape the hell that was often my childhood into my twenties. You helped me survive.

Rest in peace, Ed.


Ed with grandchild
Ed with his grand-daughter

"Ed" George Victor Bishop
June 11, 1932 - June 8, 2005

Amelia learned from a source that the family had the words put on his grave because Ed would sing Red River Valley to his daughters as a lullaby. The family is united with close friends Roger Harding and Paolo Malaguti in their grief. We lost a special and incredible actor when we lost Ed, but they lost a father and both Roger and Paolo lost a close friend.

Ed in 'Strike Gently Away From Body' in Nov 1999 at the Young Vic, London.

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Pictures of Ed's gravestone, Ed with his grand-daughter and the recording are all courtesy of Ed's daughters and copyrighted by his family. Amelia and her husband Ed were given these and granted permission to use them as part of this memorial. The SHADO Library wishes to thank Amelia and her husband for all their work in creating the Ed Bishop section of the SHADO Library.

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