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Sticky Topic Making a TOC (Read 736 times)
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Making a TOC
May 27th, 2010 at 2:52pm
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Why should I create a TOC for my stories?

Well, a few reasons come to mind.

For the author they can be useful because they allow readers coming late to a story to find the previous segments in just seconds, so they can easily catch up. (And, having caught up, hopefully provide comments or feedback). Authors always like gaining readers.  Cheesy For readers...well, see the previous answer. that you're convinced that every good author needs a TOC,  how do you make one? Couldn't be easier!


1. Open two browser windows, with these boards in each one.
2. In one window, find the first part of your story.
3. In the second, go to the TOC folder and start a new topic - Story Title TOC.
4. From the story page, select and copy the URL of your story segment - the information contained in the Address part of your browser. (Ctrl-C is the Windows keyboard command if you can't right-click on your mouse).

There are two ways to proceed from here. You can:

1. Click on the 'Insert Hyperlink" button . Paste the URL  between the brackets
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[url]The URL of your story[/url]Part X 

However, if you'd like fancier formatting, in which the text which appears reads 'Part X' and the reader clicks on that to get to the story, (otherwise known as a hyperlink) the instructions are almost as simple.

1. Click 'Insert Hyperlink' then
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[url=the URL of your story part]Part X[/url] 

That's it. No spaces anywhere in the code. And when you post, it should come out as mine do. Do add links to each comments folder too - many readers who come late to a story do like to read back on the comments, which is often as much fun as reading the story. So make it easy for them to find them with a comments folder link for each story part. They'll appreciate it.  Smiley

2. And then simply include the hyperlink to your TOC at the top of every story post.

Do remember to update your TOC regularly with each new story part and comments folder you post. Updating couldn't be simpler. Just hit the modify button on the header of your TOC post and add in the new links as you go.

If you have any other questions about how to make a TOC, or are having problems, do just mail the moderator of this folder using the email link provided.  Smiley
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