Paul J. Foster

Archetypes: The Warrior, Soul of the King, Mask of the Detective

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9 05cancer26

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Foster, Paul J.
29-Mar-50 21:58
Lancaster, UK
Long: 2.46
Lat: 53.03
7 13taurus35
1 13scorpio35

6 19aries31
2 19sagittarius31 jupiter26aquarius47

3 25capricorn26
4 01pisces24 mercury10aries32

5 25pisces28
Fire: 4 Cardinal: 4 Angular: 1
Earth: 3 Fixed: 5 Succedent: 5
Air: 3 Mutable: 3 Cadent: 4
Water: 2    

Dynamic Focus: Mars Square Uranus: He must learn to consider the needs and rights of others, and to exercise patience. He needs to channel his energy in an intelligent manner, organizing his energy to produce useful results, otherwise his desire for action may cause him to lash out in a rash way, causing problems for himself and others.
Mental Chemistry: Moon Fast, Mercury Preceding Sun: Anxious, he may have a tendency to jump to conclusions without a full examination of the facts. There is a sense of urgency to him whereby he reacts impulsively to the information given without waiting for all the details. He has much impatience in conversing with others which must be tempered with patience and understanding of others.
His mind is deliberate though self-conscious and within the realm and control of his personality.
He tends to have an abstract nature with little or no inclination toward practical affairs.
Final Depositor: Mars and Mercury in mutual reception, Mercury stronger: He tends to choose his course of action on the basis of rational thought. He will not act without practical reasons for doing so, sometimes however, he may get bogged down in details
He tends to choose his courses of action on the basis of what will produce the most immediate results. He would make a strong leader and is capable of acting effectively in any sphere of life However, he is prone to strong likes and dislikes and can make dangerous enemies
Cutting Planet: Venus: He becomes involved in new conditions through business, social, romantic and artistic activities. He has a charming manner that enables him to enter into situations unavailable to those with less savoir faire.
Trailing Planet: Neptune: He concludes his cycles of experience with a greater intuitive understanding of life's experiences as they relate to the overall spiritual development of both the individual and society.
Venus Ahead of Sun: He is impulsive and spontaneous, responsive and eager in his relationships. But, a tendency to rush into things may lead to repeated disappointments and rejections, 'pushing' him into adopting a cold or indifferent attitude as a mask. He has a high sense of ideals and relies on his emotions and intuitions as directives and guidelines for living.
Practical Director: Jupiter: He has a great number of personal resources and a vast array of skills, enabling him to get things done easily. He should experience little difficulty handling practical affairs. He has a good deal of social sense and fulfillment can be found through social activities and involvement He has an ability for organizational work and dealing with others, however, he needs to develop a deeper understanding those occupying lower social stations than himself.
His skills and abilities tend to best be actualized and most useful in situations requiring the application of practical knowledge and the use of the concrete mind.
Preponderances: Fixed: He tends to be strong-willed and resistant to external influences. He has fixed, even rigid, ideals and goals, concerned with definitions and perfection in its purest form. He may be able to achieve whatever he desires through the sheer force of his determination.
Succedent: He tends to be concerned with giving meaning and significance to his experiences. To him, it is not the initial action that is important, but the effect and reception of the act.
Absence of Oppositions: He is completely responsible for the maintenance of his own internal equilibrium. He will either be in great control of his life or face eventual disintegration of personality.

Scorpio Ascendant: He projects himself with energy and willpower and is willing to stake his life to accomplish his goals. He fortifies his objectives with a tremendous, fixed, emotional intensity, and has the ability to draw on hidden sources of power to attain his ends.
Sun-Moon Polarity: Even a modest amount of effort on his part gives him the potential for achieving his goals. His eagerness to learn gives him the means to utilize his creative skills in worthwhile endeavors, and he has for foresight to apply himself where he will derive the greatest benefit for both himself and those he serves. He gets along with people in all walks of life since they understand he sincerely cares about them. His breezy manner and optimistic outlook are uplifting to others.

Sun In Aries: Key phrase: "I AM" He is full of creative energy and enthusiasm, initiating new activities which keeps him occupied until the novelty wears off. He has a tremendous psychological drive to prove himself to himself through act ion. His impulsiveness and impatience tends to involve him in difficulties and he may not always finish projects he starts. Highly competitive, he seeks to be first and best in whatever he does, but may be overly aggressive in his relations with others, using force where reason and diplomacy maybe more effective.
Sun in Fifth House: He has a love of life and a powerful will toward creative self-expression. He seeks pleasure and wants to be noticed and appreciated. He is highly competitive with an inclination towards sports, music, theater and other artistic pursuits. He projects himself in the most dramatic way possible, searching for pleasure and romance. He has a sunny, happy disposition and attracts many friends. He may take large risks due to an almost blind self-confidence. He loves children and is actively interested in their welfare but will probably have few or no children himself.
Sun Trine Moon: There is a harmonious interaction between the conscious expression of his will and power potential and his automatic emotional responses, hereditary influences and habits. He has a strong physical vitality and generally has good health, stamina and recuperative powers.
He has visions of rising to a position of professional competence and gaining recognition for his accomplishments. Once established, he seeks to improve his position and gets the training he needs to make success possible.
He would be good in working with children as he has the talent for making others feel he understands them and helping them have the opportunity to exploit their potentials.
Sun Conjunct Mercury: He tends to enforce his ideas and decisions with willpower, but objectivity in self-analysis may be hindered by his close identification of mind and ego. He is endowed with mental stamina and has a great deal of mental energy, however, this may be excessive at times, causing mental overloads and temporary mental blind spots.
Self expression is his highest priority and he indulges himself whenever possible. His charming disposition delights others and he glows when the spotlight is on him.
He is fully aware of his creative potentials and is satisfied that with a little luck, he will fulfill them. He is clever in using the right words at the right time to get the effect he wants. He thinks 'young' and is generally optimistic about life.
Sun Trine Pluto: He has highly evolved powers of concentration and will. He has the ability to regenerate, upgrade and transform all aspects of life. He can be an inspired leader and has insight into situations that lets him know just when or where to act with the most effectiveness and efficiency. He may have clairvoyant and intuitive abilities and has an almost supernatural energy, being fiery and creative in his self-expression.
Instead of complaining about the quality of life around him, he does something about it. He has the creative resources but must be willing to develop the right skills to get the job done.
He has visions of rising to a position of professional competence and gaining recognition for his accomplishments. Once established, he seeks to improve his position and gets the training he needs to make success possible.

Moon in Leo: He is an emotionally proud individual with a flair for dramatics who often seeks the spotlight. He has an unconscious need to be admired and appreciated. He needs romance and affection, is fond of children, parties, art, sports and entertainment in all forms. He may be self-centered and inclined to stubbornness, tending to dominate others especially within the domestic scene. His efforts at self- improvement are sincere and his need to love and be loved is a healthy emotional drive and makes for a sunny disposition and constructive expression.
Moon in Ninth House: He has a deep emotional attachment to religious, social and ethical values instilled in early childhood, which can limit the scope or depth of his spiritual understanding through emotional bias and identification with parental attitudes. He has a strong recognition of the need for spiritual and moral values to the family and domestic life.
Moon Trine Mercury: He has a good memory and good working cooperation between the conscious and unconscious mind. He has common sense and is able to reason accurately and communicate sensibly about ordinary matters of life. He tends to be a good conversationalist and is generally fluent in speech and expression.
He would be good in working with children as he has the talent for making others feel he understands them and helping them have the opportunity to exploit their potentials.
He believes in himself and when he decides what he wants to be, he dedicates himself to becoming the very best. His best work will probably be in direct contact with the public.
Moon Sextile Neptune: He has psychic potentialities. Often, intuition plays a role in creating opportunities for financial and domestic progress. Mystic inclinations may lead him to join fraternities and organizations of an occult nature. Unconscious promptings play a part in his decision-making, and unconscious storing of knowledge from the distant past enables him to bring unusual information to light. He has keen emotional sensitivity that facilitates empathy with others. He tends to have close ties to the family although he may not be conscious of it.
His imagination works overtime dreaming up new goals and objectives to turn his attention to. He never feels he has exhausted the available opportunities
He is deeply concerned about government conditions and distressed that the leaders are not more responsible. He is generally well informed but may fail to act on his knowledge. His future demands a formal education
Moon Conjunct Pluto: He has intense feelings and is strong-willed where his emotions are involved. He may have psychic and/or occult tendencies and a leaning toward a subtle domination of his surroundings, having a compelling influence over other people. He tends to let the past die and to create entirely new bases for emotional experience. He is fearless and willing to take risks, seeking extreme and drastic changes in his life. He may alienate women by his brusqueness and a tendency to be overbearing.
He has an immense thirst for knowledge, and being so well informed he feels he will succeed. His ability to absorb diverse kinds of information may qualify him for many different professional positions
The broad field of the occult is of deep interest to him, and his reading covers philosophy, religion, metaphysics and psychology. He is easily disturbed by social problems and by political processes that fail to deal with them.
Moon Square Ascendant: He may have difficulties in self-expression and communications with partners and public. He may project his thoughts in an awkward manner which leads others to misunderstand or disagree with him.

Mercury in Aries: He is decisive and competitive, fond of debate and argument. He may have the ability to think rapidly and may produce many original ideas, however he may be impulsive when making decisions and may have a too personal point of view leading to intellectual egotism and headstrong attitudes. He is impatient with opposition and delays and will often act just to make a decision, to avoid lengthy decision- making processes, and he may not always follow through on the ideas he initiates. He tends to be irritable with a quick temper.
Mercury in Fifth House: He has an intellectual interest in many artistic and creative endeavors. He has the ability to express himself in a dramatic and forceful manner and wishes to be admired for his intellectual achievements. He may tend to be concerned with and proud of his children's intellectual achievements. He is romantically attracted to intellectual types who provide mental stimulation and excitement.
Mercury Trine Pluto: He has the kind of mind that is capable of understanding reality in terms of the interplay of energy (as in atomic physics:) There is an interest in scientific or occult fields. He has good powers of concentration and can use his willpower intelligently.
He believes in himself and when he decides what he wants to be, he dedicates himself to becoming the very best. His best work will probably be in direct contact with the public.
Instead of complaining about the quality of life around him, he does something about it. He has the creative resources, but must be willing to develop the right skills to get the job done.

Venus in Aquarius: He has an impersonal but friendly emotional outlook. He wants to be friendly with everyone, but not necessarily on a personal basis. He is popular, well-liked and probably has many friends. There is a sparkling, effervescent, unusual quality to his personal manner. He may have unusual ideas concerning social and sexual morality. He would find crude behavior unattractive although he himself does not always observe traditional concepts of social behavior. He may be subject to sudden, casual romantic attractions, disliking jealousy and possessiveness, seeking freedom and new experiences. He may have stubborn emotional attitudes and so refuse to see other points of view.
Venus in Third House: He has an intellectual interest in artistic and cultural pursuits. He may have a special love for literature and poetry and has the ability to communicate harmoniously both in speech and in writing. He will probably have much short-distance travel for pleasure and social obligations. He may be inclined to analyze romantic relationships intellectually. He can usually communicate easily with close friends, neighbors and close family members.
Venus Conjunct Jupiter: He has a generous and optimistic disposition, cheerful and friendly towards others, sociable and open-handed to those in need. He is inclined to give money for religious causes and to help the less fortunate. He may have talent as a peacemaker. He may tend to too much ease and comfort leading to indolence.
He has a charming manner and is able to compromise and make people comfortable. He expresses himself easily and effectively to individuals or groups. Usually, he is on his best behavior to win approval.
He has excellent mental abilities but may neglect to follow though on his ideas, failing to take full advantage of them. He has a comprehensive understanding of a great many subjects and can choose from a wide variety of careers.
Venus Trine Uranus: He has an effervescent, fun-loving nature that is full of surprises and he tends to see the bright side of life. He has a spontaneous quality that is favorable for the performing arts. He frequently has exciting romances, unusual friends and much popularity. He tends to possess a lot of sex appeal and has no difficulty attracting romance.
He realizes most people are motivated by self-interest and he makes concessions to please them. He knows that doing so is in his best interest and he gains immeasurably in the long run.
He has a versatile mind which only needs to be applied to reward him in his career. Learning the virtue of self-discipline can return a substantial yield.
Venus Oppose Midheaven: He has a love of domestic harmony, and his home will be artistic and beautiful. Marriage is important to him and there is likely to be a deep love for family and parents. He may be fond of cooking.

Mars in Virgo: He has skill and energy in work. He plans his actions carefully and executes them systematically. He is unlikely to take action without good practical reasons, and has a strong perfectionist attitudes, which may stand in the way of getting anything done at all. He may have disagreements with co-workers, employees and employers. There is a danger of accidents on the job and a nervous and irritable temperament.
Mars in Eleventh House: His energies are directed towards friendships and group activities. His friends are likely to be masculine and aggressive and can help him get his work accomplished and achieve his professional ambitions. He may have good mechanical abilities. He may be discontent with prevailing social conditions and may even have revolutionary tendencies, tending to disagreements with friends and an impulsiveness in the company of friends that could lead to death or injury to himself or others.
Mars Square Uranus: He tends to recklessness and dangerous sudden action. He may be too impulsive for his own good, craving excitement. He may be prone to disagree with his friends and associates. There is a definite risk of accident, even death from heavy machinery or electrical devices. His thrill seeking may take the form of reckless driving, hot-rodding and other dangerous sports, including flying. He must guard against a sudden temper and impulsiveness, also unreasonable willfulness and eccentricity. He needs to learn patience and cooperation with others. He may be subject to violent attacks, and/or sudden, violent death.
He has strong physical desires and will do whatever is necessary to satisfy them. Professionally, he is willing to make necessary sacrifices to serve his best interests later.
He may never feel he has made any contribution to society unless he can accommodate to other people's needs. After fulfilling the demands of his career, he can then make plans to involve himself in fulfilling his social needs.

Jupiter in Aquarius: He knows no class, racial or religious distinctions. He insists on social, religious and moral values that are universal, democratic and impartial in every respect He has great tolerance and understands not everyone must share the same life-style or value system. He is broad-minded, with an interest in philosophy and in organizational activities designed to uplift humanity.
Jupiter in Third House: He is optimistic, philosophical and spiritually oriented. He has an interest in mental expansion through education, philosophy, teaching, and communications. His thinking tends to be compatible with prevailing beliefs and modes of communications. He is fond of travel and has much curiosity concerning trends in social thought and communication as expressed in all media. He has congenial relationships with family and neighbors.
Jupiter Trine Uranus: He has creative ability and inspiration with an interest in progressive or metaphysical religion. His optimism, intuition and flashes of spiritual inspiration make it possible for him to take advantage of opportunities others wouldn't notice. Personal freedom is important to him and he travels frequently and suddenly, usually by air or water. He may be a true genius.
He would make an excellent investment counselor, people trust his talent and his professional competence. His strong physical desires may be chilled by persons who seem coarse or vulgar.
He has a versatile mind, which only needs to be applied to reward him in his career. Learning the virtue of self-discipline can return a substantial yield.
Jupiter Oppose Midheaven: He may live in a large home with a large family and that home will tend to be the site of religious and educational activity. His latter life should be prosperous, and comfortable.

Saturn in Virgo:He tends to be practical, exacting and hardworking, concerned with detail, accuracy, precision and efficiency especially at work. He may tend to drive himself and others to overwork, taking on an excessive amount of responsibility. His standards are extremely high and may be difficult if not impossible to meet.
Saturn in Tenth House: Strong career ambitions, his drive to achieve is of paramount importance, especially after age twenty-nine. He should exercise extreme caution to maintain his moral integrity and principles while achieving success. He has excellent farsighted organizational and managerial abilities which can assist him in achieving authority, high position, wealth and leadership.
Saturn Sextile Ascendant: He tends to have a serious disposition and has the respect and support of his partners and the public due to his integrity, reliability and sense of responsibility. He has a good deal of discipline and good organization.

Uranus in Cancer: Generational: One of a generation that tends to seek freedom and excitement through emotional expression. They tend to have nontraditional ideas concerning home and family life and tend to leave home in order to gain more freedom than family life normally allows. There may be considerable psychic sensitivity and occult activities in the home.
Uranus in Eighth House: He has a concern with the mysteries of life beyond the physical with an interest in the occult, metaphysics, telepathy and higher dimensional physics. He may be subject to sudden changes in for tune through inheritance, taxes, insurance, and corporate finance. Death will probably occur suddenly, possibly through accident. There may be foreknowledge of the conditions and time of death. He needs to exercise an emotional detachment towards sex and material wealth and to realize that spiritual values are the only things of lasting importance, and that life is a dynamic process.
Uranus Sextile Midheaven: He has exceptional talent in his chosen profession and in capturing the support of people in prominent positions. He could have a successful political career. He will no doubt have a distinctive domestic environment, often entertaining friends at home. One or both of his parents may have been unusual.

Neptune in Libra: Generational: One of a generation subject to confusion regarding relationship obligations and an instinct for emotional and social conformity, sometimes manifested as substance abuse and cultism. For some, there is an intuitive awareness of social relationships and mutual responsibilities.
Neptune in Eleventh House: He tends to unusual, idealistic friendships and group associations. He is generous with his friends and receives in turn spiritual guidance and help in realizing his goals. There is a close spiritual link with his friends and associates.
Neptune Sextile Pluto: Generational: One of a generation that can make great advances in the spiritual realm of world civilization.
As an individual, he is deeply concerned with government conditions and is distressed that the leaders are not more responsible. He is generally well informed, though he may fail to act on his knowledge.
He may never retire, knowing he can accomplish much in his later years, and would feel his time wasted if he doesn't remain productive. His friends will no doubt be helpful knowing they can turn to him as well.

Pluto in Leo: Generational: One of a generation born at the advent of atomic energy, the birth of sovereign nations out of former colonial empires and world wide power struggles.
Pluto in Ninth House: There is an interest in the regeneration of legal, educational, moral and philosophic systems, manifested as an ability to perceive the fundamental causes of problems connected with the larger social order. He has little tolerance for hypocrisy and social injustice and his own will is guided by a strong moral standard.
Pluto Square Ascendant: He has a tendency to be aggressive in his personal behavior and antisocial in partnerships and dealings with the public. He tends to be domineering, trying to remake others according to his ideals creating resentment and battles of will and subjecting himself to attempts by others to dominate him instead.

Paul Foster
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