Edward Straker

Archetypes: The Prime Minister, Soul of the Healer, Mask of the Witness

11 13 pisces38
10 14 aquarius27 9 22capricorn09

sun23 capricorn57
8 02capricorn08


12 24 aries40
uranus09taurus43 retrograde

Straker, Johannen Edward
14-Jan-38 13:18
Boston, Massachusetts
Long: 71.04
Lat.: 42.22
mercury00 capricorn55

7 10 sagittarius08
1 10 gemini08

6 24libra 40


2 02cancer 08

3 22 cancer09

4 10leo24


5 13virgo38
Cardinal : 6
Fixed : 3
Mutable : 3
Fire : 1
Earth : 5
Water : 3
Air : 3
Active : 3
Resultant : 4
Reactive : 3

Dynamic Focus : Mercury Square Saturn: An individual who is crisis and action oriented and egocentric to a certain degree. The action surrounding him is initially pioneered by him. He must guard against intellectual pride and argumentativeness and must work hard to overcome obstacles to his ambitions.

Mental Chemistry: Fast Moon, Mercury Preceding Sun: He has unusual mental comprehension, but may be impatient and wasteful of energy. His mind is eager and untrammeled, free from interference from feelings or inner reactions. His mind functions in its own realm, leading him in and out of life experiences. He has the type of mind that works well with others, but tends to be easily impressed.

Major Depositor: Moon: Considerations of home and family are often uppermost in his mind. He arrives at decision and major courses of action more on the basis of emotions than rational deliberation. He is emotionally very sensitive and tends to take on the emotional coloring of persons and events surrounding him. He may, in fact be quite shy, as defense against these influences.

Cutting Planet: Mercury: His first contact with new conditions is through communications and mental evaluation. He tends to examine situations intellectually before becoming involved. He is extremely curious.

Trailing Planet: Neptune: He concludes his cycles of experience with a greater intuitive understanding of life's experiences as they relate to overall spiritual and evolutionary unfoldment of both the individual and humanity. He can achieve greater degrees of compassion and universal understanding.

Venus Preceding Sun : He tends to be impulsive and spontaneous, responsive and eager in relationships, which can sometimes lead to disappointment, leading in turn to his adopting a "cold" or indifferent attitude towards others as a mask. His personality is directed by both the intellect and the emotions, but primarily by the intellect.

Practical Director : Venus: He is concerned with the value and ideals behind his work, insisting on making a personal impression on everything he touches. He is sensitive and appreciative of people, things and situations, and this assists him in realizing their value (and disadvantages) as they relate to his life and his work.

Preponderances:Earth: He is circumspect with a strong determination to succeed, practical, demanding with a good sense of timing.
Cardinal: He is enterprising, forceful and assertive, self-conscious and ruthless. He tends to be independent, generating activity for desired results and material rewards, but he is not impulsive.
Cardinal T-Square: He tends to be a critical, impersonal, dominant individual who is primarily concerned with the vital issues of personal existence, constantly searching for new things to do and to put his vast energies into.
Saturn as Focus: He tends to experience bouts of depression as a result of his negative attitudes and harsh demands on himself. He is inclined to retreat into himself, to exercise rigid control over his feelings, driving himself to overwork and dealing with others as ruthlessly as he deals with himself.

Gemini Ascendant: He is a very active person who likes (needs) to get around, keep moving. He enjoys meeting people and enjoys having many different experiences. He is extremely restless and may find it difficult to stay in one place for any length of time. He likes to communicate with others and may have trouble keeping quiet. He may have considerable skill in writing or mass media or in the sciences or mathematics.

Sun-Moon Polarities: He will always be able to distinguish himself as long as he can prove his accomplishments are valuable. He tends to over extend himself, then stops short when he realizes the loses he might suffer by taking unrealistic chances. There is a constant struggle between his desire to assert himself, and therefore achieve success, and his need for material and personal security. By deferring his decisions on important matters until he has had time to examine them thoroughly, he can avoid unnecessary grief and achieve a high probability of success in his projects. He must choose his priorities carefully, so as to have enough time for both career and family.

Capricorn Sun: He is of medium stature, with a complexion darker than expected. Slender with an aura of seriousness. Profound, cool, a worrier and diligent planner. Many associates but few friends. Tends to relate to the world from behind a desk or title. Very private, detached, work oriented. considering the whole before its parts. Ambitious, shrewd mind, prudent and self-sacrificing for his few close friends.
Sun In Ninth House: A dynamic interest in spiritual, educational pursuits. A highly developed intuition, frequent inspired insights, sometimes prophetic insights. Interest in foreign lands and travel. May reside far from childhood home. Strong moral convictions, interest in larger social order, law and tradition.
Sun Conjunct Venus: Power and energy in emotions, lover of life, cheerful, optimistic, wants to be liked. Has beauty and ease of expression, talent in art and music. He may not care about others' needs or want to know how they think, signifying he is determined to get as much from then as he can to satisfy his own needs. Conversely, he may be motivated by a strong spiritual commitment to serve others, in which case, his results are much greater than his sacrifices. His knowledge sustains those who need intellectual nourishment. He realizes that unless he is willing to help other people becoming more self-reliant, his own growth will be limited.
Sun Trine Neptune: Enormous talent, extremely psychic but may not have enough energy to exploit his talents. He may not have learned discipline as a child, never encountered an obstacle that could not be overcome. He learns easily, via intuition. It is to his credit that he can look forward to achieving his goals, since his parents were probably of little help. Burdensome obligations at home may have delayed the time he could begin to fulfill personal objectives. He may feel that the time and preparation needed to reach his goals entails too many sacrifices. However, getting an education is the best investment he can make in himself and his future.
Sun Oppose Pluto: He is defensive when challenged by others, and may resort to extreme measures to guarantee winning. He makes the general assumption that his opponents are more powerful and in a more secure position than he is, but if it becomes obvious that he cannot win, he may ignore the threat, pretending it doesn't exist. He is extremely bothered by uncertain situations and may take drastic, imprudent action to protect himself, regretting it later. His extremist temperament may alienate others, whose co-operation he needs. He needs to recognize the right of others to assert themselves and that it does not usually pose a threat to him. Self-analysis can show him that sacrificing selfish, personal desires can motivate him to fulfill his destiny. He should invest his creative talents in helping others fulfill theirs. He feels challenged by political, legal and religious philosophies and deeply aroused when tradition and custom demands adherence to them. He is especially angered when the reasons for those beliefs are no longer valid and he refuses to concede the point.

Cancer Moon: Deep, intense emotions. Domestic security is important for emotional well-being. Has strong ties to mother and home. Nearly psychic sensitivity to moods and opinions of others and may tend to over react to imagined slights, withdrawing and brooding. May be emotionally unstable.
Moon In Second House: Strong need for monetary security for stable home and family. Good business ability.
Moon Oppose Mercury: Difficulty balancing emotions and reason, feeling they are in constant opposition. His extremes of emotionality and cold logic confuses others. His distorted thinking causes problems in communication. He is suspicious of people who make demands, so questions their motives. He does not discuss his financial affairs openly, talking privately only with people he trusts implicitly. Working with the public and offering needed services will allow him to earn a comfortable living. It also provides feedback, assuring him of his own competence.
Moon Square Saturn: Pessimism, excessive worry. He finds it difficult to let go of the past. May have had a rigidly disciplined early education, may be narrow minded and unnecessarily rigid. May be awkward and shy with women - Strong sense of aloneness, needs to be liked and acts ashamed of his emotions. Needed mother's approval and now idealizes an absent mother. He worries about having to face difficult economic conditions in the future and so uses every resource available to him to increase his financial resources and material holdings. He prefers friends that don't make demands on him. He dreams of a more abundant way of life and wants to make the most of his basic resources so that he can satisfy his anxieties about the future. He wants a more leisurely lifestyle in his later years.

Mercury in Capricorn : Ambitious, shrewd, practical mind, concerned with material status. Capable of extended concentration, good organizational ability. Methodical, thorough. Traditional education for professional goals. Conservative, realistic. May joke to deal with personal problems.
Mercury in Seventh House: He is concerned with communication and mental cooperation with others. He prefers to work in some kind of partnership rather than individually. He is concerned with what others think and tends to have relationships with intellectual types, probably even marrying one. There may be problems communicating with others, misunderstandings in marriage and partnerships, and unkept promises.
Mercury Square Saturn: Excessive worry, traditional conservative thinker. May appear to be lazy or mentally indolent stemming from natural tendencies to overestimate difficulties of tasks. He is extremely thorough however when he elects to begin those tasks. He has an overwhelming sense of responsibility, conditioned to accept all necessary duties, obsessively determined to get the job done. Callous and critical of failure, expects perfection in work from others but may interfere with their work. People like him because he seems to understand their needs. He helps them exploit their creative talents by convincing them they have potentials to develop. He will realize his goals though the social contacts he makes. People generally trust him with their affairs and he could achieve his objectives by offering them a service or needed product. His spouse will help in his endeavors because she shares similar goals and respects his abilities.

Venus in Capricorn: Needs material status and wealth for emotional security. Proud and reserved in public behavior, dignified, capable of great sensuality in private. Has a subtle mystique of aloneness that attracts others. Loyal and steadfast in love. Has a strong sense of composition, classical music and art.
Venus in Eighth House: Possible financial gain via marriage or legacies. Overly intense emotions, possessiveness, jealousy. (May be directed at individual)
Venus Sextile Mars: Happy, energetic personality, socially inclined. Vivacious. Has considerable physical needs which he knows how to contain. Will not display much feeling until he knows the other well. Artistic nature. Tends to strike up conversations just to introduce himself, to relieve unfamiliarity. Maybe a bit careless financially. If he is successful in his career, he will enjoy his later years, knowing he has made an important contribution to others. He will undoubtedly be long remembered by those he's helped or influenced. He is quick to give people the service they need, assuring their patronage. Satisfying his sexual needs may occupy much of his attention, and he is very annoyed when rejected by a lover.
Venus Trine Uranus: A highly romantic nature. Considerable talent, even genius in art, music, etc. Not inclined to practicality. Unusual, perhaps preordained romances. Kind, sympathetic. Mystic, with deep emotional understanding of universal love. He needs to understand his own fears and anxieties to put them in their proper perspective. This will allow him to understand others and realize his fears and fantasies are not unique. He wants to help others and not offend them. Knowing someone depends on him stimulates him to extend himself on their behalf. He knows how to arouse people to use their own resources so they can sustain themselves without him. He must avoid making his physical needs a condition of his assistance.

Mars in Pisces: Strong emotions from the unconscious. Harbored resentments, repressed anger lead to neurosis and psychosomatic symptoms. Excessive emotional sensitivity can block self-confidence and direct decisive action. May tend to act in secret to avoid direct confrontation.
Mars in Tenth House: Desire for fame and status, energetic in career pursuits, competitive drive to reach top. May desire to have power at any cost, may not respect an authority that is less than totally successful.
Mars Oppose Neptune: Aggressiveness and violence functions through the unconscious mind. He may not always be aware of his own motivations, unconscious desires may not be checked by mental reasoning. Danger from associations with dishonest people, deceitfulness, unusual emotional gratifications. Should avoid alcohol and drugs. Must learn to accept reality as it exists. May be extremely insecure. More than most, he feels the burden of his elders' expectations that he will fulfill their ambitions for them. He resents their intrusion into his personal life and insists on his own right to follow his own destiny. He feels that his parent's relationship was uncomfortable and/or there may have been difficulties or distrust between himself and one or both of his parents. As a result, he finds it nearly impossible to live up to their expectations, which makes him feel guilty. He could, as a result, lose interest in goals within his reach.

Jupiter in Aquarius: Knows no class, racial or religious distinctions. Insists on universal impartial and democratic social values. Great tolerance and respect for others. May be overly casual and unreliable in relations with others and groups.
Jupiter in Ninth House: Deep love of philosophy, religion, education. Has definite moral standard to regulate life. Fond of travel.
Jupiter Square Uranus: A powerfully inhibiting aspect. Conflict limits achievement of goals. He is capable, but over extends himself. Impractical, idealistic. His friends cannot be counted upon. He can make the best use of his talents by applying them to some social purpose. His skills are needed by those people in society most lacking in resources. A good education is essential to enable him to translate his intuitive understanding of social problems into workable solutions.
Jupiter Trine Ascendant: Constructive, optimistic outlook on life. Projects self confidence, enthusiasm, goodwill. He inspires confidence and cooperation in others. He is extremely curious.

Saturn in Aries: Forced by circumstances to acquire initiative, patience and self-reliance. Difficult to see himself as others see him. He may lack an awareness of principles of social justice, rights of others. May be very defensive, fearful others will inhibit or endanger him. May have difficulties in understanding, communicating and co-operating with others. Self-centered, self-justifying, may be short on diplomacy.
Saturn in Eleventh House: Sense of responsibility concerning friendships and groups. Seeks out important and influential people to advance career and status. May use and be used by friends and associates for personal gain. Tends to stand alone in groups, may have difficulty dealing with peers, may be threatened by them. Karmic associations with past.
Saturn Trine Pluto: Tremendous will power, relentless in working towards a goal. Has organizing ability, may have ability to understand subtle laws of the universe. Strong leadership and managerial skills. His level of comprehension is high, and he learns much even from casual conversation. He is determined to promote others' ideas to gain the security he wants for the future. He is in full command of his future and has the ability to alter current attitudes and promote ideas that may someday become commonplace. His friends find him exciting even if his ideas are unusual.

Uranus in Taurus: Generational: Seeks reforms in business, economy. Practical, in unique and original ways. tremendous determination, fixity of purpose, stubbornness. Urge to freedom, intuitive ideas limited by material attachments. Unusual artistic and musical talents.
Uranus in Twelfth House: Occult search into the unconscious, intuitive abilities. A repository for secrets and secret organizations. Occult may produce confusion and delusion. May not show parts of personality for fear of disapproval.
Uranus Square Midheaven: Lack of ability to conform to professional or domestic routines. Rebellion against authority, impatience with family responsibilities. Eccentric, difficulties with authority, may do opposite of what is suggested.

Neptune in Virgo: Generational: Creative, imaginative faculties thwarted by adverse material conditions. Tendency to psychosomatic illness, doubt, negativity towards intuitive impulses.
Neptune in Fifth House: Unconscious desire for love and appreciation through romance and creative self-expression. Love of theater. Peculiar circumstances in romantic attachments, secret love affairs, disappointments. Children may have psychological problems or live in broken homes.

Pluto in Cancer: Generational: (1914 - 1939) Domestic concerns. A penetrating mind, strong opinions, forcibly expressed or not at all.
Pluto in Third House: Uncompromising until faced with incontrovertible facts. Original ideas, mental resourcefulness, scientific ability. Responsible for exclusive and secret information of great importance. Tends to travel in secret for mysterious purposes.

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