Christmas SHADO Style

by April Dancer, 2002

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the base,
      not an alien was stirring... not even a trace.

The stockings were hung by the lasers with care,
      in the hopes Lord Straker wouldn't be there.

The crew were nestled all snug in their bunks
      while uncounted presents awaited in trunks.

On the roof of Shado there arose such a clatter, was Lord Straker who bolted to see what was the matter.

He flew down the hall his weapon by his side,
      only the wet floor below could break his stride.

He stomped on the deck when there was no disclosure...
      only to be nailed by the police for indecent exposure...

This news reached moonbase at the speed of light,
      as the staff all awoke in mass delight.

Colonel Foster grabbed Gay Ellis and he held her tight,
      as they stepped to the karaoke to sing "Oh What A Night!"

Skydiver observed as all remained stable,
      we heard Captain Carlin mutter, this is better than cable.

But I heard SID exclaim, glad I'm not human or else I would yawn,
      instead I'm playing top 40 until the dawn.

From Earth's orbit SID won't be parted,
      as heard him cue up Pinks' "Let's get the party started."

Now you can rest and reflect a while..
      you've just experienced Christmas..SHADO style :)

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